This one isn’t about the lion’s den. This is the one where King Nebuchadnezzar has this horrible game show called “Tell Me My Dream or Die” and Daniel saves the wise men from doom. Yeah. It’s pretty cool.

So, Nebuchadnezzar told his wise men that they had to, not only, tell him what his dream meant, but also, tell him what he dreamed. If the wiseguys could do as he asked they would receive a ticker-tape parade with lots of rewards, but if they failed, he would kill them. No pressure.

Because they could not give the king the answer he wanted, Neb dispatched his man Arioch to go kill all of the wise men. All of them.

When Daniel got wind that something was happening, he asked Arioch to give him the low-down. Daniel prayed and God gave him the answer that the king sought. Arioch didn’t need to kill anyone and all the wise guys cheered!

Here’s the part that’s got my mind turning: Daniel saved the unbelievers, the false prophets–his enemies.  different political and theological ideas than he did.

Daniel heard the Lord, he was faithful AND he blessed those who had different political and theological ideas than he did. For that, Daniel is a hero in my book, or um, my blog. Daniel for president!!