So, I just read three chapters of what read like a really boring episode of House Hunters. I almost expected Ezekiel to start asking for an open floor concept and hard wood floors.

The weird thing is: while Ezekiel was taking this tour, there was no actual, physical temple. Like, it was totally a vision.

Scholars everywhere are disagreeing about what temple it is. Is it Solomon’s? Is it Zerubabbel’s? Is it a metaphor? Is it the future temple in heaven?

Yeah. I’m not jumping into that argument.

You know what part stood out to me? Among the cubits and betwixt the walls, I saw this: Ezekiel 40:46 “…These are the sons of Zadok, who from the sons of Levi come near to the Lord to minister to Him.”

That’s their job: “to come near the Lord” and “to minister to Him.”

A word about who these “sons of Zadok” were: they were men whose name means “righteous” and “just”, they were priests and scribes during David’s time and when the wall of Jerusalem needed to be rebuilt, they were mentioned at least three times in Nehemiah.

They finished well with a legacy of right standing with the Lord. They chose to serve the Lord and to stay near Him. That’s the place to be, Friends.

I have new Bible heroes.