If, by the end of reading these three chapters, you don’t thoroughly get the idea that God is going to level Moab, then, well, have youversion.com read it to you. This is a forceful, depressing, read.

So, what gives? What’s with all the destruction? What’s with all the smiting?

God is destroying all of the nations that have been unkind to His people. He’s exacting vengeance on those who have captured, enslaved and oppressed them.

God was starting with the destruction of Egypt, but that’s the place where the people went. Jeremiah, mouthpiece of God, told them not to go to Egypt, but they didn’t listen. They did not see what God had planned.

God fights our battles for us, even when we don’t realize that those battles need to be fought. He’s going ahead, providing, clearing, preparing.

Thanks, Lord, for seeing what I can’t see and for protecting me even when I think I’m invincible.