God told Jeremiah to go to visit the potter for a hands-on lesson. God sets up great field trips. There was no Righteous Brother’s song playing, but the picture was very clear: God is the potter and Israel is the clay. If Israel doesn’t look like God wants her to look, He’ll smush it up and start again.

God told Jeremiah about repentance. Repentance does not change the mind of God, it changes the person who repents. It shows that they are teachable, moldable, useable. If they are not soft and able to be reshaped, then, well…

God told Jeremiah to bring some leaders out to a field, the Potsherd Gate (which literally means “a piece of broken ceramic material”). I’m not sure if this was it’s name before or after this meeting, but, either way, I appreciate the way God follows though with a metaphor. Jeremiah crushed the ceramic pot and told the leaders that Israel was going to be in a world of hurt if they did not repent.

They whipped Jeremiah and put in him stocks.

Not a favorable response.

All of these pottery lessons lead me to thinking about choice. We have a choice, just like Judah had a choice. We can be soft malleable lumps of clay or we can be tough and hard as rocks.

It’s our choice. From Eden to salvation and everywhere in between, we get to choose life or death.

Jeremiah 21:8 God’s Message to you is this: Listen carefully. I’m giving you a choice: life or death.

Today, I’m choosing life.