You know what hit me today? What I cannot get out of my mind? The description of Jotham’s life:

“Jotham’s strength was rooted in his steady and determined life of obedience to God.”- 2 Chronicles 27: 6

This book that we are writing, friends, will not be edited until the end. This life story of triumphs and near failures, of birthdays and funerals, of revelation and tears it will not be ours to edit. When mine is finished,  I want my life to be put down like Jotham’s.

There is no greater legacy than faithfulness, than steadfast faith. I want it, I tell you and no matter how many times I fall, I will get up and call my God Sovereign. No matter what I don’t understand and no matter how many unanswered questions I have, I will trust Him. I must. I want it to be my default setting.

When the Holy Spirit looks at me life and sees it all in one glance and writes with the pen of heaven, I want Him to say that I lived life like Jotham: constant, loyal and devoted with one singular gaze.