I like history so, these chapters in Chronicles are extremely interesting to me. Within these few chapters, we see the lives of five rulers of Judah (plus one usurper). It’s a whirlwind of activity: battles, blood, revenge, power… Where is the movie?

Sometimes, when reading historical accounts, I get a bit jaded, I find myself removed from the humanity of the people on the page. I read: dead, dead, murdered, saved, dead- and I forget that these were people.

Sometimes I even do that while watching the news.

I’ve become desensitized to my own race. It makes me think of my own frailty, my own humanity, mortality and I think about God. How can He possibly care for all of us?

(I smile)

It’s one of those mysteries that I have to embrace. There are so many of them these days. I think in embracing the mystery of Him caring for each of us, of picturing His face looking down at me or Him looking at that person who was just on the news, it makes me remember that mercy is possible. Mercy bending down to scoop up the remains of tattered life is possible.

And those thoughts make me feel more for these people on the pages of my electronic Bible, more for the people that I don’t know who can become numbers in some politician’s commercial. Picturing God’s mercy awakens the mercy in me and reminds me that I am created in His image: created to extend mercy here on earth.