Ahab, king of Israel, invited Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to go to war with him. J-phat was okay with the war as long as Ahab could get some prophets to agree with it. Prophets came and told the king exactly what he wanted to hear: go to war, you’ll be great, glory, yadda-yadda. J-phat was not convinced, he wanted a second opinion.

In comes a prophet with the reputation of being a downer: Micaiah, whose name means “who is like God”. Micaiah first gives Ahab the run around just like the other two prophets.

Here’s where my question comes: Ahab says to Micaiah,””Not so fast,” said the king. “How many times have I made you promise under oath to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth?”

What’s the deal? Why would Ahab ask such a question? Is this some kind of trap? Ahab wants to fight, Micaiah tells him to go fight and Ahab forces Micaiah to speak against the war. Even more, THEN they ignore him.

Prophet to King Ahab: what a crappy job. I’d rather be the cup-bearer to King Artaxerxes.

So, they go to war and Ahab dies. His blood gets licked up by dogs, it’s a mess, but it’s exactly as all of those buzz-kill prophets of the past said.

The truth. It may hurt. It may make you less popular, but it is important. The prophets spoke the truth, not simply what everyone wanted them to say. I’d rather speak the truth and be fed on a hill by ravens than tell popular lies and be fed at Ahab’s table.

Ahab’s court lasted 22 bloody, corrupt years, the King of Truth’s court is everlasting. I’d like to sit at the table of truth. Please, pass the salt.