Proverbs 30 is just wild. I think I need, like, a separate month to understand what’s going on there. I got whiplash from all the topics that were introduced and then discarded. I’m not giving up on it, just putting a bookmark in it, with confidence that the Holy Spirit will bring me back to it and reveal what the author is saying. If you’ve got any insight there, feel free to share.

Proverbs 31, however, is a familiar chapter to all women in the church. I’ve heard lots of talks about it ranging from: “this is exactly what a good woman’s daily schedule looks like” to “just try to hit one each day and hopefully you’ll get them all done in a week.”

Either way, it’s been used to measure the worth of a woman and I really don’t think that’s what God wants to do. He doesn’t measure us according to how many skirts we sew and how early we wake up in the morning. Last I checked, He doesn’t measure us by what we DO at all.

Rather, I think that Proverbs 31 has to do with character and in seeing that, perhaps isn’t just for women after all. What if Proverbs 31 is talking about the Bride of Christ? What if this is what Jesus is looking for in a mate? Hmm? Someone who is hardworking, joyful, industrious and full of integrity?

It would be wonderful if Jesus could look at the Bride and say to her: “Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all!”

🙂 Just a thought.