People often tell me that they don’t hear from God. Then I ask them what things have been popping out to them. Are they similar? Do they have a connection? The answer is always “Oh, yeah, I guess He really is speaking to me!”

What has He been speaking in my life?

Seeds. Farmers. Fields. Wheat. Wheat. Wheat. I see fields in my sleep.

Every time I read the Word, the scriptures about sowing, farming, reaping and planting jump off the page toward me. Today was no different.

Proverbs 11:24 There is one who scatters, and yet increases all the more,
And there is one who withholds what is justly due, and yet it results only in want.

The person scattering is the farmer. He’s scattering his seeds so that they can grow into a crop. The crop will produce and will bear it’s own seeds.

The one withholding is saving the seeds just like the guy in the New Testament who saved the talents. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The seeds stay in the bag and no crop is yielded. People starve and no good came from the guy holding his seeds.

It is way more comfortable for me to go to church every Sunday, put on my “I’m in church so I have to be nice to you” face, come home, ignore my neighbors and focus on my family and the things that we need and want. It’s more comfortable to hold your seeds in your hand.

But, friends, were not made to do it that way. We were not made to hold it all for eternity. We were made to scatter those seeds.

I don’t know what scattering seeds looks like in your life but this is what it looks like here in our home. We share meals with others. It’s really not a stretch because these are folks that God has placed in our lives. We share meals with moms, dads and their kids, young ladies in their twenties who are waiting for Mr. Right, young couples on the brink of starting a family, older couples whose kids are our age and our daughter’s teenage friends. More life is shared at our dinner table than I’ve felt in thirty years of church attendance. (We still go to church. I’m not knocking the church, just saying that there is more to being The Church. Don’t send me hate mail.)

It’s risky to scatter seeds. Not all of the seeds will grow. Not all will bear fruit of their own. But, you don’t need to be a farmer to see that the one who scatters will always yield a larger crop than the one who holds tightly to his seeds and never lets them grow.

I am curious, though, what does seed scattering look like in your life?