It’s not that I’ve avoided you. It’s just that every time I sit down to read this book, I get discouraged. Not so great when you are the “encourager”. It’s not that I’m put off by the subject. It’s just that I hate the battle lines that have been drawn around this book.

Some people say “It’s an allegory of Christ’s love for the church!” While others hold up their sign “It’s literal, talking about a man’s love for his wife!”

I’ve heard really smart people take hard sides. Down to how you name it (is it Song of Songs or Song of Solomon?) it’s heavily debated. I’m an English major. This is the angriest I’ve seen people get over poetry and that includes the age-old question “Who wrote the works of Shakespeare?”

Really. Do you think that God intended for us to get so very upset about a poem?

My stance on the issue? I think it’s both. I think it holds allegorical truth as well as practical truth. Why? Because I believe that marriage is, in itself, a symbol. I believe that it is a sacred thing.

Why can’t it be both? What? That’s to hard for God? We allow other authors to do it, so why can’t we allow scripture to be multi-leveled?