Were you ever picked last to play kick ball at recess? baseball? dodgeball? gym class?

Then you know the sadness you carried with you to the field. Even playing the game is tough because you feel like you have to do something to prove that you belong on that field. The kids that were picked first didn’t have to overcome all of that rejection and still play. Then walked on the field ready to play, but you? How did they expect you to catch a ball with that that chip on your shoulder.

Many of us play this game of life with that attitude: I have to prove I’m worthy of_____. It’s a wonder we can function at all!

I love the Message translation of Psalm 4:

3 Look at this: look Who got picked by God! He listens the split second I call to him.

Did you see that? God picked you. He picked you! He wasn’t just left with you. He doesn’t get you by default. HE PICKED YOU!

Do you see what that means? You don’t have to play wounded. You get to play the game of life with that confident, cool-kid swagger. Yeah. You got this. Why? Because HE has faith in YOU. You are His first string, His “A” team. He doesn’t have anybody on the bench waiting to take your spot. You are indispensable.

He knows all of those flaws, all of those things that you think disqualify you. He picked you anyway. So, reader, today, play the game. Dust off your cleats and play like you mean it. After all, you’re the MVP. 🙂