Mephibosheth was a prince of Israel who was lame and in hiding. He had nothing to offer yet was called by the king. I can only assume what he thought when receiving those instructions. Did he think that David would kill him? At the very least I’m sure that he thought David would throw him in prison. It must have been a scary journey for him.

Yet, when he was brought before David, the King showed him more than grace, more than favor, he showed him the love he had for his father, Jonathan. David gave him land, money clothes and, best of all, a seat at his very own table. Mephibosheth was no longer a crippled outcast with nothing to give, now he was a wealthy, blessed man. What a difference a day makes!

I can’t help but think that this lame prince is a picture of us. It’s true, we have little to offer our king in deeds. There is nothing that I have that God needs because God needs nothing. Still, He calls me before Himself and I, with my human mind, think that He will scold me, hurt me or imprison me because of my past wrongs or just for my very nature, but He does not. He never had any intention of hurting me. He sought me out to bless me. He looked for me so that He could give me something stronger than pity, even stronger than grace. He looked all over for me so that He could set His love upon me.

Why? Why would God do this? Why would He choose me to love and to honor? The answer is not contingent on what I do or even who I know, rather, the answer lies with who knows me.

When David saw Mephibosheth, he did not see the grandson of his enemy or a man with nothing to offer. He saw his friend Jonathan. He saw his covenant. When God sees us, He does not see all the things we are not. He doesn’t see our flaws and our faults. When God sees us, He sees Jesus. He sees His covenant with man.

God does not love us because of what we have done or what we have not done. We can not earn His love, not ever. He loves us because He said that He would love us and His word is the strongest thing that will ever exist. His Word, contrary to all my Star Wars rhetoric, is what binds the universe together. It’s what binds this body together, not the sinews, muscles and bones. His Word is living, breathing and active. His Word does not lie.

So, if His Word says that He loves you, He does love you. If His Word says that He will not leave you, He will not leave you. If his Word says that He will heal you, you will be healed. It’s not about what we do, it’s about who knows you.