After reading the first 20 “verses” of names, my eyes started to glaze over. I began just scanning rather than reading. I was looking for some words, some description, instead, I got names. No stories, just names.

Then I felt bad. Here are all of these ancient people with lives and stories and meaning and I was this futuristic eye just glossing over their lives. Blech.

I thought about my sentence that someone may read in the future: And Papa of Encouragement and Mama of Encouragement begat Daughter of Encouragement who married Inspiring Husband and begat Scarlett and Bubba. That would be all. That’s all she wrote.

But I’m more than that little sentence, aren’t I? I’m more than a road to get somewhere. Right? Someone cares, don’t they?

Psalm 56:8 You have taken account of my wanderings;
Put my tears in Your bottle.
Are they not in Your book?

What we can’t read in those small genealogical sentences are the everyday questions, victories, struggles, giggles, epiphanies, tears, and sighs. That sentence doesn’t mention the moments and I believe that lives are made up of moments, some good and some bad, but moments nonetheless. And in every single one of those moments is He. Because none of those moments are worth anything without Him.

Each person on that list was intimately known by Father God. Each one prayed, wept, and joyed and He was there. We are more than just a sentence to Him.

Who cares? He does.