Abigail’s husband was foolish. Really, the guy lived up to his name. He could not recognize friend from foe and made enemies when he should have made friends. He was a fool.

Abigail was wise AND beautiful. The Bible told me so. Read it. She knew how to diffuse a situation. She knew how to make friends and influence people. She prophesied to David and is actually considered as one of the Bible’s female prophets. This is one powerful woman! But, my favorite quality of hers? Her humility.

After her husband died, David sent for Abigail. He wanted her to be his wife.  (Part of me is a bit sad that David sending his men to her is the extent of the romance of this story. Sigh. But I’ll stop that and get to the heart of the matter.) Here is her response:

1 Samuel 25:41 She got up, and then bowed down, face to the ground, saying, “I’m your servant, ready to do anything you want. I’ll even wash the feet of my master’s servants!”

Such a heart! She really understood the power of humility! Lord, would that I could express such a heart!

Another thing that endears Abby to me is her ability to let go of the past and look toward the future. She was no wife of Lot!

1 Samuel 25: 42 Abigail didn’t linger. She got on her donkey and, with her five maids in attendance, went with the messengers to David and became his wife.

She did not linger. She knew that ahead of her was a bright future and she did not let her past muck it up for her. She gathered her things and left that place, the place mastered by foolishness, and rode on to her destiny.

Lord, let me not linger on the things that were! Like Abigail, help me to humbly walk with you so that you will guide all of my steps froward. I trust you!