1 Samuel 2:2 Nothing and no one is holy like God, no rock mountain like our God.3 Don’t dare talk pretentiously- not a word of boasting, ever! For God knows what’s going on. He takes the measure of everything that happens.4 The weapons of the strong are smashed to pieces, while the weak are infused with fresh strength.

The above was proclaimed by Hannah, the barren first wife of a good man. Hannah said that if the Lord would give her a son, she would give that son back to the Lord. And she meant it. As soon as he was weaned, Samuel entered the priesthood. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for little Samuel. I pictured him smaller than my own little boy being led by his mother to his new home. I can see his little hand being placed in the hand of Eli and his face, possibly tear stained, watching his mother and father leave without him.

My heart is heavy thinking about it, yet, this was Hannah’s joy. She was glad to give the Lord back what He gave to her. She understood that children aren’t really ours, they are the Lords. We are fortunate to have them on loan for a time. We teach them, love them and ultimately, give them back to him.

Funny how this was the passage this morning. I needed it. My own little girl (who really isn’t so little anymore) told  me that she didn’t want to go to school today. She’s tired of being mocked for her virtue and is just tired of being different. As I dropped her off and the door shut, I asked for the favor of the Lord to be upon her. As I was driving home, I talked to the Lord, “Lord, I can’t pray that she doesn’t feel different because she’s always going to feel different. I can’t pray that she’ll fit in because I know that you don’t want her to “fit in”. So, Lord, give her the strength to be different. Give her the grace to take the criticism, but don’t let it penetrate her heart.”

I was in tears by the time I pulled into our driveway. I love that kid, but I know that being comfortable and happy is not all there is in life. Just like Hannah, I know that there is a greater call on the lives of my children. Lord, help me to be able to give them back to you everyday with the same joy that Hannah had.

Because of Hannah’s sacrifice, the people were able to hear God:

1 Samuel 3:19 Samuel grew up. God was with him, and Samuel’s prophetic record was flawless.20 Everyone in Israel, from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, recognized that Samuel was the real thing-a true prophet of God.