Deuteronomy 22: 9 Don’t plant two kinds of seed in your vineyard. If you do, you will forfeit what you’ve sown, the total production of the vineyard.10 Don’t plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together.11 Don’t wear clothes of mixed fabrics, wool and linen together.

Once again, the Lord is prophesying to Israel. He’s telling them about the things that will happen because right now, in Deuteronomy, they have no vineyards, they have no land to pow and the word tells us that their clothes did not wear out. He was talking to them prophetically and as such, I don’t think that He was merely critiquing agriculture or textiles. Here, the Lord is talking about the concept of mixture: of compromise.

Compromise is gradual, it’s easy to do. One day you’re praise the Lord,hands held high vowing to give your all to Him and some time later you find yourself in sin looking at your life and wondering how you got to that place. It was compromise. You tried to mix your life with the world and before you knew it, you were not influencing them, they influenced you.

It’s tough, this being in the world but not of it, this loving your neighbor but not being unequally yoked, this having joy but still not loving your life, this being saved by grace, but working out your salvation though fear and trembling.Our walk is filled with paradoxical language.

How can we understand it? How can we prevent compromise? Constantly stay close to the Lord, listen to the Holy Spirit and read the Word. It’s not easy and it’s not comfortable, but it is Holy.

Do we mess up? Yep. But He’s patient, He’s loving.

Compromised lately? I know I have. Here’s a great song to minister to our hearts. Love you, my friends!