If I’ve ever read these passages before, then I must have blocked them from my memory because I cannot remember reading about safe havens for people who accidentally kill others.

They’re not jails, they are cities for people to find refuge. Here’s the part that really jumped out to me. The safe havens were for the following people:

“for the People of Israel, for the foreigner, and for any occasional visitors or guests-six asylum-cities to run to for anyone who accidentally kills another.”

These havens were not just for the children of Israel, but were for anyone who needed them. God was blessing all nations with salvation through the Israelites. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? God was providing a way for people to be safe from harm through the children of Israel.

This safe haven is just one example of what is to come when Jesus enters. Just like Noah’s ark brought salvation, just like Moses came to deliver them, Jesus came so that all men would be saved.

Next week is Thanksgiving, but I thank God every day for that gift! 🙂