Numbers 28: 2 “Command the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be careful to present My offering, My food for My offerings by fire, of a soothing aroma to Me, at their appointed time.'”

That phrase “at their appointed time” really stuck out to me. See, these offerings were what the Lord commanded, but He had a time for each. None should be before or after. Timing matters. It’s important.

I know quite a bit about timing because, you see, I love to bake. I specifically love to bake bread. It makes me feel all Laura Ingalls Wilder or something. Until I go downstairs and thank God for my washing machine, that is.

When people find out that I enjoy making bread, one of the first things they say to me is, “Oh, you must have bread machine.” I don’t. I make it by hand. It sounds really impressive, right? But really, it’s not that hard. The hardest part of making bread is being around to make sure you do the right things at the right time.

Timing is everything. To make a really good French bread, I have to give the yeast about fifteen minutes to get all bubbly and happy in it’s warm bath while it’s eating the sugar. If I wait too long, the top gets all hard and icky, but if I start pouring the flour too soon, the dough won’t rise properly. Then, after the flour and salt are added and it is kneaded, it needs to rise for an hour or two before I punch it down so it can rise again. The bread requires time and if I don’t have the time, I can’t make the bread. It’s an investment.

So often I see people who look longingly at someone else’s gifts or position and immediately think that they want it. They want the power or the prestige that comes with office or the title, but they aren’t willing to do the work or to make the sacrifice at the appointed time to get there or they make sacrifices that the Lord never asked them to make to get there.

When we move according to His Spirit, moving at the appointed times and seasons that He dictates to each one of us on a personal level, then we will be that sweet-smelling sacrifice to Him. Our lives are to be this offering for Him: the thing that smells sweet to Him.

Reader, you may be making some difficult choices in your life right now. I pray that you will lean on Him to tell you what kind of choice to make. I pray that you will not make a choice based on your own understanding, but that you would allow Him to direct your paths. It really is so much easier when we allow Him to have a say in our lives. God knows the desires of our heart. He placed them there. Having the omniscient One in on your strategy guarantees victory, don’t you think? 🙂