Did you see? Did you notice who was the FIRST to bring his offering to the Lord? It was Nahashon from the tribe of Judah! 🙂

This is just a picture of our Jesus. He is the first to make an offering, the first to BE an offering. He is the One who leads the others in worship, the one who is pictured IN the worship.

Judah, the tribe with the most people and, in turn, with the most wealth, gave first. They did not think that they were too great or too important to give. They led. It is a responsibility to have much.

We as the church have so much. We ave money and resources as well as gifts beyond measure: prophecy, mercy, teaching, exhortation, serving, organization and giving (Romans 12). We should be the ones who lead in the offering. We all have something to give to one another and to the world. We are  in a perfect position to make an offering.