I’m still following the tribe of Judah. Did you see how they were mentioned?

Numbers 2:3 Now those who camp on the east side toward the sunrise shall be of the standard of the camp of Judah, by their armies, and the leader of the sons of Judah: Nahshon the son of Amminadab,4 and his army, even their numbered men, 74,600.

The tribe of Judah numbered more than any other tribe by far and these were just he men over the age of twenty that could fight! What a huge group of people this was!

Not much is written about Nahshon in the Bible, other than that he was a noble man and was one chosen to lead the tribe of Judah. However, in Rabbinical literature, he is mentioned, and as I read it, I was blessed. Here is what is mentioned about him:

The Midrash relates that during the Exodus, when the Israelites reached the Red Sea, it did not automatically part. The Israelites stood at the banks of the sea and wailed with despair, but Nahshon entered the waters. Once he was up to his nose in the water, the sea parted. This is the origin of his name “Nahshol” = “stormy sea-waves”. It is in virtue of action that he was chosen to be the first to bring the dedicatory offering.[6] Nahshon was a model prince,[7] and was called “king”.[8] When the princes of the different tribes were required to bring their offerings, each on a separate day, Moses was embarrassed, not knowing who should be the first; but all Israel pointed at Nahshon, saying, “He sanctified the name of God by springing first into the Red Sea; he is worthy to bring down the Shekhinah; therefore he shall be the first to bring the offering.”[9] The offering brought by Nahshon is pointed out as having been his own and not that of his tribe. (my own underlining added)

“He is worthy to bring down the Shekhinah.” The glory of God! No wonder why this is one of Jesus’ relatives. Jesus is everywhere. He is in every page and every word. His glory, His fame, His nature– it’s everywhere AND it lives in us. We carry this glory in us.

I stand amazed. I stand in awe.